Terms & Conditions

We require a minimum of a two-hour booking (£120).


Your session fee includes a CD, an engineer/musician, and all studio gear.


Sessions over the pre-booked hours are charged at our hourly rate (£60 p/hr).


It is important that our clients understand that session time is reserved especially for you. Failure to cancel with 48 hours notice may result in you losing part of your session fee.


All session data and audio files are the responsibility of our clients to backup and keep safe. Surrey Studios does not accept liability for the loss or damage to any audio files or data.


All data must be transferred during your session time or there will be additional fees for data transfers afterward.


We do not allow outside engineers to run our sessions.


Full payment must be made in order to confirm your booking.


Instant bank transfer is accepted.


We do not accept cheques.


The client(s) will own the 'masters'.


If creative services are required by Jack Vasiliou, It is very important that our clients understand that the session fee is not a 'Buyout' of his creative rights (copyright). If an agreed writing contribution is made in good faith by Jack Vasiliou, then writing splits must be agreed formally via a copyright service or via contract after writing with the client(s). These agreed splits will need to be assigned to the contributors of any work upon uploading to any distribution service(s).