Below are some of our google reviews:


Jack has produced all of my singing tracks and I have been thrilled every time! He's a great guy to work with and knows what I want my songs to sound like without me having to overly explain. As well as professional he is fun and it makes the studio experience so much more enjoyable and less stressful! I would highly recommend him and the studio!


I have worked closely with Jack over the last 8 years. He is meticulous and very passionate about his music. Whether it be singing, writing or producing for someone else. Booking his studio you will be entrusted into a warm friendly environment and he will work tirelessly to get the best results for you. His services are professional and he has some of the best equipment. I cannot recommend him highly enough.



Patsy Mckay
Jack is my Number 1 producer, engineer, vocal arranger. I trust him over any of the producers I've ever worked with including the various studios in the USA. He produces to the Highest level, and guides the session in the most creative way.


Absolute professional, which is why Surrey Studios is my go to recording facility!



I have worked with Jack on every music release so far in my career. Not only does he mix to a very high standard, he is a multi instrumentalist and talented producer, so was able to co-produce some of my tracks as well as mix them. He is patient, easy going and very hard working.


The studio is beautiful and a great environment for recording and mixing.


I Love Surrey Studios... I've been working with Jack Daniel on various projects for over a year and I can't recommend him and his studio enough. I also leave there extremely happy with the final product. Check him out people.


This studio is amazing, songs sound extremely professional and my experience has always been fantastic.


Jack is a very professional and fun guy to work with. He knows exactly the kind of sound that an artist wants to achieve without them even having to say anything. He has worked with a number of people I know and all of the tracks are of an incredibly high standard. I highly recommend the studio!


Emma Parode
Great friend and great songwriter. If you're looking for a good studio with very reasonable prices then call Jack. Nicest guy and a phenomenal talent.

Chris Andre
Fantastic facility and Jack is incredible. Very laid back and made made us feel very welcome. His creativity and the quality of his workmanship is first class. We can't wait to work with Jack again soon.


Mark Potterson
Wicked studio! Great facilities & Jack is a pleasure to work with!


Anton Murph

Fantastic, incredible experience!!


Every time I record here at Surrey Studios, not only do I feel at home, great energy and atmosphere, but as always... magical results, top tier quality of work!! Amazing... I owe a great part of my evolution as an artist, and my personal growth and confidence to Jack, and to this very place (Surrey Studios).. Most definitely recommended, speaking as someone who's work and life has been greatly, and positively impacted right here...



Been in the music business for 25 years and recording in studios up and down the country, I've found that Surrey Studios are the best by a mile. With the latest high tech equipment, and an engineer/producer with great imagination and a love for his work, you end up with a very professional product. I am looking forward to recording my second album at Surrey Studios


Lou Jordan

Great place to work, very friendly environment.


Yung Pryce
Jack is a great person to work with, full of ideas to help the artist out in difficult situations but also knows when to give the artist some creative space. Talking about space Jack's studio is beautiful and big enough for the artist to walk around and soak in the music.


Jack is incredibly hard working, down to earth, professional and understanding of individual needs.


Henal Ganatra
  I can not recommend Surrey Studios and Jack enough - Not only is the studio space amazing with up to date tech, producer Jack makes you feel super comfortable and has a great passion for his work. Would absolutely work there again.


Ellie Howis